Clearwater Print Ads

Client: Clearwater Analytics
Date: March 20, 2019
Services: Layout design, Illustration

Project Objective

I was tasked with creating a series of print advertisements for Clearwater Analytics (a fin-tech company in Boise, Idaho). Some of their reps were traveling and presenting at several IASA Regional events around the country (insurance regulation conferences). At some of these events, Clearwater was offered to submit an ad for their event booklets.
The purpose of this series was to expand upon Clearwater’s brand and create a more eye-catching visual that would stand out to viewers. I illustrated different skylines of cities in which Clearwater has an office (Boise, New York, London, etc). I also incorporated icons that reference Clearwater’s many services (performance reporting, data aggregation & reconciliation, client services, etc). The concept is meant to reflect Clearwater’s unique SaaS solution and the infinite possibilities that they can provide to their clients.
I designed letter-sized print advertisements, and also incorporated the design into Clearwater’s presentations that were shown at a few of these events.

Final Designs

IASA Regional NAIC Updates v8
Data Analysis IASA Regional Ad v6
Data Mngmt from 20000 ft IASA Ad v3
General CW IASA Regional v3



These presentations were create to match the style of the above ads. I worked closely with copywriters and the presenters on these slides. Some of the presentations were called ‘From Participant to Presenter’, ‘How to Attract and Retain the Right Talent’, and ‘Changing the Mindset of Change Management’. They were shown around the US, in states such as Illinois and Indiana.

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