Reforming Every Body Branding

Client: Sara John
Date: 2019
Services: Branding, Web Design

Who is R.E.B.?

R.E.B., or Reforming Every Body, is a pilates studio in Boise, Idaho which has been open for almost a decade. The studio was started by owner Sara John, who became invested in pilates after receiving a cancer diagnosis. She wanted to create a studio that could help other people like her—people with injuries or diseases who are looking for a low-impact exercise. R.E.B. has a group of long-term clients who are very close to the instructors and are even like family. 
R.E.B. was moving to a new downtown location and wanted a look which would modernize the studio and ensure its longevity. I was tasked with updating the branding. This included the logo, website, and signage. R.E.B. wanted the logo to be fresh, simplistic, but with a playful spirit. They also wanted a website that would be more functional to their clients with scheduling integration. Lastly, REB wanted to create new marketing tactics to be more present in the Boise community such as First Thursday events, running workshops, and referral policies. 

Before & After

Logo Design

Primary Logo



Color Palette




These illustrations were printed as posters and hung up in the studio.


Different texture/patterns to use for signage or flyers in REB branding.



Wall mural for inside the studio; pattern mural on the wall next to the studio door; street sign and gate sign for the street-facing view of the studio.


Branding Guidelines

Outdoor Adventure Apparel

Venture Flask Tetra Paks; All 3 colors

Venture Flasks