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Forever Forest Music Festival

Client: Graphic Design 488
Date: February 26, 2018
Services: Branding, Print, Web, Mobile
For a branding project in my senior graphic design class, I partnered with my classmate, Stephen Kimpson, to rebrand an existing music festival in Idaho called Forever Forest. This festival is special because it requires attendees to camp near the site. Also, the site is changed every year and is not announced until a week before. It features many local bands of the EDM and indie genres. We wanted to take on something as unique as this little festival and help it rival other festivals.


Forever Forest is not your average EDM music festival…we provide the element of surprise. Forever Forest is for the outdoor lover and wayfarer who wishes to explore new places. For those who love spontaneity, adventure, and wish to be thrown into the wilderness (along with some amazing music), look no further…

Project Goals

“We wanted to rebrand a current (yet very small) music festival called “Forever Forest” held in Idaho once a year. This festival features out-of-state as well as local artists within the electronic and indie genres. This festival is unique because the location is not announced until a week before the festival begins, and music is played from dusk till dawn. At the moment, the festival’s social media presence, advertising, and brand identity is very weak. Our goal is to elevate this brand to its potential of competing with larger and more popular and established festivals.”


Research & Demographics

Demographic Persona: The Millennial Festival-Goer


  • 18–34 years old
  • 14.7 million festival-goers are in this age group
  • 50% of festival-goers are of the Millennial generation


  • 51% female
  • 49% male


  • Overall diverse in ethnicity


  • Highly engaged with social media
  • 42% more likely to post on social media
  • 69% rely on their friends for festival information



South Lake Tahoe, California
Alison Wonderland, ODESZA, Zedd


Boise, Idaho
Andrew W.K., Princess Nokia, Vince Staples


Gorge Amphitheater, Washington
Twentyone Pilots, Frank Ocean


Logos & Branding

Primary logo – Square

Secondary logo – Long

Tertiary Logo


Color Scheme

Animal Categories

Mailing Card & Wristband

This is the card that would be sent to festival-goers who bought general admission tickets. It is a tri-fold card in a sealed envelope and the wristband with the person’s registration number stamped on the back.  There are four versions of each for participants to feel that they’ve received a more specialized, personal card.

Letterhead & Business Card

This is the official mail of the festival to be used for legal or important information.



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